Financial Viewpoints

For those who tend to save at least a good down payment for most of their large purchasers, a person who pays with credit for even their food and utilities might not be the ideal partner. While large purchases make sense to the saver to borrow, living on credit does not. Their idea of what is acceptable in lifestyle is the complete opposite of their potential long term partner, and they may want to know if their spending habits will change before making a legal commitment.

The spender often sees nothing wrong with the way they support their lifestyle. Their argument may be that they will simply make enough money to pay for it all, and they could feel that is good enough. This person could see their potential partner as someone stuck on an old-fashioned idea of how to live properly. They might want to know the other person will be able to loosen up financially before making a commitment.

Each of these people in the relationship believes their viewpoint is what works best, so they will need to find a compromise before moving ahead with their relationship. Financial viewpoints can be different, but completely opposite ones can lead to a lifetime of unhappiness for both of them. If they are at least able to recognize they are opposites, they have an opportunity to reconsider their viewpoints before it breaks their relationship apart.

Compromise is often a big part of a successful long term relationship, and couples have found ways to do it when it comes to their spending habits. Neither may be completely happy with any solution they work out, but knowing they are each trying to move toward a closer viewpoint could give them the green light on making their relationship a happier and more permanent one.