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Journey to Brazil

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The first trip the Pebble People planned was to Brazil, down the enormous river Amazon.

One way to get there was by taking the sub-atlantic transparent glass pebble train, which had connections to the most secret and romote corners of our planet. For short journeys they would take their sea-horses and the emerald green pebble coach, but on this occasion they went by 'aquatrain'. They arrived in the rural zone of Sao Paulo in the state of Minas Gerais, there is a type of personfied rock that some people believe has special energy that can help the sick get well. The job was now to find out more about the powers of these special pebble 'persons' and where they are.

The pebble people had come across a peasant girl named Chundra who told them about Maria, a very quiet little rock who cared also for sick rocks. Maria was very friendly and lived next to the bank of the Amazon river. One day Maria got washed away by a current. After a whole afternoon of being washed away the current became calm. While Maria was still in the river, she passed the rain forest. She saw lots of birds and animals. After the rain forest she stopped at a little city called Manaus. In the morning, a little peasant girl picked up Maria and took her home. It was Chundra. She liked Maria so much that she kept her as a lucky charm.

One day Chundra's family had to leave Manaus. They were so tired from their journey that Chundra cried 'I wish we had food'. After she had wished, a basket appeared filled with food. Chundra's family never starved again. They found out Maria had magical powers. One day Chundra was sent to the market. Maria slipped out of her pocket. Chundra did not notice. Maria ended back in the river. She discovered that the kind of pollution she found was a bit dangerous. She discovered that one of the plants in the forest was poisonous. Lot of animals and people were dying because they were eating it. One of the problems Maria had was that she got hit against lots of big boulders. Maria solved this problem by leaning left and right to avoid the boulders as she flowed down the river.

Now that Maria lives with me she will have lots of fun. She will have this fun when I find her. The pebble people moved on and met Sao Paulo, a friendly, helpful and caring person who came from Brazil. Sao Paulo was a pebble that was found by a merchant's son one day. Sao Paulo was washed up on the shore of the Amazon river, which is extremely muddy and murky. The mud made Sao Paulo sick.

The Amazon river is navigable by ocean steamers as far as 2514 miles upstream, reaching Iquitos in Peru, it is also known as the longest river besides the Nile river and is the home of the Caiman alligators. The merchant's son named Kawa, found Sao Paulo one day when he was playing along the river banks. One unique thing about Sao Paulo is that when he sees something or someone unusual he shines like a star. Kawa picked up the pebble, feeling impressed and put him in his pocket.

Kawa then one day took it to school and showed it to his teacher. Sao Paulo has magic qualities, it is like a wishing tool. Whatever you wish for it may come true any time. He also keeps out of trouble. If you hold Sao Paulo tight and say 'I wish the wish I wish right now!' Sao Paulo will become bright and bring out a shine signalling that your wish is being processed. The Amazon river where Sao Paulo was found is extremely dirty, muddy and murky. It is contaminated. Sao Paulo had a hard time going through the Amazon river. Sao Paulo was hit against rocks and all the bumps and hits were considered a minor problem.

One one occasion Sao Paulo was washed into an alligator's mouth. Unfortunately, the alligator had its mouth wide open one early morning and Sao Paulo asked for a wish: "I wish the wish I wish right now!" Sao Paulo was free again and floating down the Amazon river which miraculously had become clean again. Sao Paulo will have many fascinating adventures to come. It will take him to wonderful places and we pebble people are very happy to have found such a good friend and surely will do many wonderous things together.

In the Amazon River there are a lot of different kinds of pebbles. You think they do not have names, but they do. We shall tell the stories of Carmen, Shawny, Tanya, Emilia later on.

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