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Over The Edge Of The World

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Arriving somewhere in a mystic place on our planet, on an ordinary sunny day in a lazy summerhouse. It is calm and the sun is shining and the wind is high up in the sky pushing fat clouds around. It is late afternoon, we are bored after much lazing and playing around. So we are looking on the shelf, high up, jammed with many books and suddenly spot a book we had never seen before, or forgotten about. It is big, it is dark, it is bound in leather and iron, and we cannot make out the title on the spine, so we climbed up and tugged it out.

THE BOOK OF ROADS, it says. In cracked letters, in gold. A ribbon, a feather, scraps of paper poke out between pages. Bookmarks? We have a closer look. It is a map, a picture of a rocky coastline, a swirling sea. The Skeleton coast: beware of drownweed, lost Subatlanta, shoals of forgotten time. We open up the book and flip through. It looks like a travel book, describing places of danger and wonder and treasure and terror. Here and there people have scribbled notes, different handwriting from different people.

People have been to these places and come home again, or maybe never did. On the first page it says 'Pick a place and be there'. It is a book of transit, read about any of those places in the book and you will be there. Just write a quick note, pack what you will need, then open to a random page and begin to read. One day we found ourselves in the middle of the Indian Ocean, a terrible weight of clouds began to gather in the sky. The horizon is purple and grey, green lightening flickers in the thunderstuck clouds.

Looks like we shall have some awful weather' says the Captain. 'We will have to run with the wind'. The storm rushes in. Even after days, the storm shows no sign of stopping.' We are hopelessly off course' says the Captain. We all are worried about falling off the edge of the world. After the sixth day the storm showed some sign of breaking. 'We shall make it!' shouts the Captain. You are about to cheer with relief and joy when three things happen at once: a bolt of lightening shatters the main mast, a blast of cold air blows away the last of the sails, and a rogue wave - a wall of water 40 feet high - scoops you from the deck into the sea.

You do not see what happens to the ship, you struggle for your life as the sea claims you for its own, or does it? You have been carrying this pebble with you as a good luck charm. Well, it does not work at all. You are tugged down into the cold depths of the sea by a powerful undercurrent, dragged down, down. you drown?

You do not - in fact the cold water on your skin feels like air. When you cannot hold your breath any longer you realise you can breathe the stuff as easily as a fish. Maybe it is the pebble you hold, but you realise you can see through the depths as though it was all lit with a soft, green glow. You sink to the bottom and begin to explore.

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