Willing to Compromise

As a relationship between two people progresses, they often find that the perfect person may have a few habits that are not so acceptable. Each partner could find plenty wrong with the other person if they look hard enough, but some habits will be easy to spot. Getting past them could be difficult. Asking the other person to stop doing what it is that has become aggravating could be one way to alleviate the issue, but being willing to compromise should be part of the discussion.

Habits are developed over time, and the person doing something aggravating may not realize it. Cracking knuckles has often been cited as one of the more irritating habits between partners. The person doing it seldom realizes it because it is something they have done for years. Each time those knuckles make a sound, their partner may cringe. It can make the relationship one that will not progress, or it could simply be something the pair will learn to live with over time.

Finding flaws in another person should never be part of a relationship, but limiting or eliminating the most obvious ones can create a better bond between the pair. Each of them may have to suffer through the agony of having their potential spouse outline what they find aggravating. It can turn into a demeaning experience if they bring many issues to the discussion, but it can clear the air if they only focus on what really bothers them.

Breaking bad habits is usually quite difficult, but it can be done by concentrating on making changes. For those unable to completely stop an aggravating behaviour, their partner could suggest a good compromise that will keep both of them looking forward to being together. It is a good way to learn how to solve problems as a couple while making the relationship work for both of them.