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The Gigantic Squid

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Deep down in the enormous ocean there was a GIGANTIC squid! Once upon a time the pebble people were riding on an ice train and suddenly it crashed into a rock. Then everyone fell down, down, down into the sea and hit the rusty floor.

The GIGANTIC squid jumped out from some seaweed in the Atlantic Sea and he gobbled up some Pebble People. Of course everyone knows that the Pebble People absolutely love adventures and this time the Pebble People went on a sea adventure but guess what they saw?

They saw the Granite people so they peeped through some seaweed then they started to throw rocks at the GIGANTIC squid but they found a special rock that was shiny and gold but they did not know it killed squids.

Then it shot the squid dead. So the Pebble People were very happy and travelled on and on with each other and ate things like seaweed, fish and soft stones. One day they saw a cave and went into the cave and guess what they saw? They saw a Giant Pebble Person and a Giant Granite Person. They both had a wish and the Granite People wished to be absolutely spotty and the Pebble People wished for a big glass house and the wish came true.

Story told by Peter Stephens, 7 years old, Darlington.

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