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The Sea Symbols

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Deep down in the dusty ocean there was a king ruler of the sea, as people described him, he was the richest colour of blue. He wore a robe made from the finest seaweed and shells were spread around on this robe as well as stones, and on his golden crown he wore the SEA SYMBOLS!

There were three kinds of SEA SYMBOLS. One called Flame, the god of fire, the second called Afracarda, the god of water and the third, the god of rocks was called Thunder. One misty day Afracarda, Flame and Thunder were travelling in the magical Emerald Coach. This coach had a name, it was named the Asqua train made from the best quality emerald glass. Inside was a room of solid gold and seats made from marble.

Flame and Thunder had an argument and Flame got very annoyed so Flame set fire to the ocean, this was a VERY bad thing to do and the ruler of the sea was very upset and annoyed that one of his sea symbols had done such a bad thing. Thunder asked Flame why he had done such a thing, but before Flame could answer, a strange noise occurred and then Afracarda saw that there was a crack coming towards them. This crack was coming right down the centre of the ocean. Afracarda shouted 'Quick, Flame, Thunder' but before Afracarda could say any more a wind blew a terrible stormwhoooooooooosh!

After the storm they found themselves in a forest, somehere in CHINA! There were two children in the forest searching for something. In their hand they were holding a book titled 'SEA SYMBOLS'. How could this be wondered Thunder? "Are these children reading about us?" asked Flame. The answer was yes, but these gods did not know. The boy was called Hoshoo and the girl was named Hyhe and they were thinking how would they get to the ocean. But they did not know of the storm.

Suddenly Hyhe, the girl, saw Afracarda and grabbed him. She did not know that this was one of the sea symbols, then she saw Flame and grabbed him. She did not know he was also a god and symbol. Hoshoo, the boy, then spotted Thunder and he too grabbed him. They both thought they were stones but loved the detail on all of them so they left them for good luck charms and knew that one day something powerful would happen. They both agreed that if nothing every happened they would still believe the luckiness of these honourable stones. The next day they saw a beam of light sparkle from the centre of Flame's body and wonderful power came to Hyhe and Hoshoo's body.

They felt strong and confident in everything. Then a beam of light fell from Afracarda's rock body and they both felt lucky anf faithful. Then the same happened with Thunder's body and they both felt that they should be honest and bright, kind and happy. The next day Hoshoo and Hyhe were walking down the long river named Gooloohalin and on the banks of the river a tall, blue rock stood with pride and dignity. This blue rock wore a robe made from seaweed and shells spread around on the robe as well as precious stones. On his golden crown were three sea symbols!

He was holding a sign and on the sign the children read that there should be a god of Fire, Water and Stone. That was when the children noticed a word on each rock. One read Fire, the other Water and the next Stone! We have found the sea symbols - we are powerful! "We are very lucky chldren" said Hoshoo and "We should be grateful for ever more" replied Hyhe.

Story by Anna Stephens, Age 9, Darlington

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